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The CROCIGUANA which is characterized by a crocodile head and an iguana tail was imagined by us during a special evening with friends and it has taken so much place in our lives that it has finally become a living animal that we decided to bring it to Indonesia forest where it frequently sends us news by email (yes we equipped him with a PC and a solar panel we owed it that....).

It is therefore by this means that he suggested to us to open this website which will certainly raise us to the top 10 of the world's largest fortunes and we are very grateful to him. His big problem is the difficulty he has in finding a partner and ensuring his offspring! But if he looks hard enough, he'll probably find it.

That's how you'll be among the first to know about this great story of CROCIGUANA before the press takes hold of it. Thank you again for your cooperation. We allow you to share this information with all your contacts and for one year we will not ask you for any financial compensation if you promise to keep this wonderful sense of humour that alone will be able to save this world that needs it so much......

The CROCIGUANA and our entire team (two very competent people) will see you soon for the next step

Thank you! The staff.

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